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From Georgian Period formal Stately Home interiors to the Victorian Vicarage, derelict scenes, romantic and spooky woods, fields and countryside, army tanks and vehicles, Victorian period steam railways, stunning staircases, fantastic countryside, Hammer Horror Film locations


spooky film location

to modern buildings, and mock Royal Palaces

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staircase film location

- and below with Location Works we visit behind the scenes of interesting places for UK film making . . . and elsewhere . . . we take you behind the lens and mirror some of the UK's best locations and stunning places throughout Europe. Please scroll lower for the Categorised Library of UK film locations . . . and the European film locations links. Whilst many think of travelling to Latvia, Hungary and Czech Republic, some of our UK film locations can save you the substantial trouble of doing so. On the other hand, if you are doing extended sequences, we hope our links at the end of this file are useful . . . please scroll lower . . .

Sometimes film locations group together to provide a "location kit" and particularly useful is a group in Sussex Kent and Surrey around 25 minutes from the M25 near to London, Shepperton and Wood Lane film making facilities and these can form a one-stop film location kit saving on time, travelling and expenses.

Sussex Group of Film Locations

In this group coonveniently close to London is a very versatile film location house used by Prada for ultra modern interiors (the house provides spaciousness in which to work), documentaries on historical figures requiring Classical Georgian or Victorian period interiors, grand staircases and a derelict room. This is particularly multifunctional, serving as a historic hospital, decayed splendour living room, World War 2 office . . . . whilst much loved for fashion photography. Phone 01342 850594 or email latrobe@antibes.co.uk.

Nearby on the Ashdown Forest Locamotion (phone 01825 712966) supplies Army tanks and military vehicles in useful rolling countryside used for Band of Brothers, low budget accommodation is available, with a period steam railway nearby. The Sunburn Films Film Courses are held in the area for those wishing to convert from Silver Halide and Digital Beta techniques to HD High Definition media. Local Location Caterers are saying they want to be featured here but we have not got links yet . . . If you are wondering where famous films have been made in the UK, Information Britain (including local hotel accommodation) lists them!

Does your film pass the Bechdel Test? This is in response to a UN resolution about gender bias in films

If you're thinking of the economics of film making in the UK then http://stephenfollows.com/the-full-costs-and-income-of-a-1million-indie-film/ is a most brilliant insight.

When you've made your film here are all the Film Festivals around the world.

Categorised index of types of film location

Alphabetic Index of types of Film Location throughout England and the UK

If you are searching for a location not listed here, we might know about one not on the website - or if you would like your property added to the categorised location database below, please contact the Location Library at filmlocations@antibes.co.uk We actually cover more than just the UK, so it's worth contacting us.

Urban landscapes
00: General
01: Rooftops / cityscape film locations
02: City landmarks
03: Financial districts
04: High streets / shopping
05: Residential streets
06: Public parks / gardens
07: Urban riverside locations
08: Urban spaces / piazzas for film location
09: Urban grit / alleys / wasteland

Domestic houses gardens and flats
10: General
11: Large town house film locations
12: Apartments, flats
13: Lofts and conversions suitable for filming
14: Modern houses
15: Bedsits, community housing, camps
16: Smaller houses, terraced
17: Domestic gardens & outdoor pools
18: Country homes, cottage film locations
19: Farms, barns

20: Interiors general
21: Entrances / stairs / communal
22: Ballrooms, great halls for film shoots
23: Reception rooms
24: Kitchens for film shoots
25: Bedroom film locations
26: Bathrooms
27: Corridors/attics/cellars
28: Conservatories
29: Domestic indoor pools

Mansions, manors & stately homes
30: General
31: Mansions and manor film locations
32: Palaces and Stately Homes
33: Castles
34: Formal gardens
35: Parkland
36: Gatehouses and follies
37: Empty, derelict, ruined

Public buildings
40: General
41: Hospitals
42: Galleries and studios
43: Exhibition centres, Concert halls
44: Church halls, community halls
45: Religious Buildings/Cemeteries
46: Town halls
47: Clubs, guilds, institutions
48: Libraries / Museums
49: Public Services / Courts

Entertainment, food, drink & accommodation
50: General
51: Shops and shopping centres
52: Cafes
53: Restaurants, wine bars
54: Pubs, bars
55: Clubs/nightclubs
56: Hotels
57: Cinemas and Theatres
58: Dance halls
59: Fairgrounds, Amusement Arcades

Education & Sport
60: General
61: Schools
62: Further education
63: Indoor sports
64: Outdoor sports
65: Public pools
66: Racecourses / equestrian
67: Stadia / racetracks
68: Watersports

Industry & Commerce
70: General
71: Warehouses
72: Light industry
73: Heavy industry
74: Industrial heritage/dereliction
75: Waterworks / reservoirs
76: Docks, ships, boats
77: Offices
78: Film / photographic studios

80: General
81: Railways
82: Car parks, garages
83: Major roads
84: Country roads
85: Bridges / civil engineering
86: Race tracks / test tracks
87: Airports, Airfields
88: Cars, trucks etc.

The Great Outdoors
90: General
91: Mountains, rocks, cliffs
92: Moors, heaths, forests
93: Locations with Natural water features
94: Boating / canals
95: Coastlines/harbours
96: Villages and village greens
97: Country and market town film locations
98: Quarries, caves, underground film locations
99: Agricultural landscapes

The European and Worldwide Film Locations Links

UK Regional Film Commissions with Film Locations:

Much regional information is available from Film Festival sites, offering opportunities both for location research and for marketing:

UK Film Festivals, Europe and World Festival list

Worldwide list of Film Festivals

The Hammer Film Locations guide to World wide film festivals

Short films, feature films, shorts, documentaries . . . they're all shown at the festivals . . .

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  • Bridge of Arts - International Motivational Film Festival is the new festival in Rostov On Don with lots of energy and great international reach. Last week of August

    UK and Ireland Film Festivals, Europe and World Festival list

    from Hammer Worldwide and UK Film resources
  • Cyprus
  • Moving Docs with Lemesos International Documentary Festival Evagoras Lanitis Center, early August
  • IRAN
  • Film festivals in KAZAKHSTAN
  • Film festivals in MOROCCO
  • Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage Carthage Tunisia - late Nov - Films by African and Arab nationals
  • Moscow IFF Russia mid-late June
  • Cyprus Film Days Cyprus International Film Festival
  • Accomodation near film festivals
  • Tirana International Film Festival, Albania early November - Albania, Balkans and world entries.
  • International Human Rights Film Festival Albania Festival with world support featuring rotating issues - disabled rights, environmental policy, domestic violence, digital world without borders
  • Tokyo International Film Festival Japan late October
  • Hawaii International Film Festival Mid November - Asian Pacific and European showcase
  • Miskolc Film Festival Hunagary Jameson Cinesfest mid September
  • FICG Guadalajara International Film Fest Early March
  • Festival Internacional de Cine de Iquique Chile February
  • Lebu, Chile International and regional documentary, short film, fiction and indigenous peoples. February
  • Femcine Santiago dedicated to films made by and about women. March
  • Santiago Film Fest August
  • FICVINA, Vina del Mar Chile September
  • Festival of Documentary Film Chile September
  • Valdivia IFF Chile October
  • FeSanCor Santiago October
  • Chilean Films November Quilpué Chile
  • Diva FF Valparaiso November
  • International Documentary Festival Puerto Varas
  • In-Edit Nescafé Santiago December
  • Golden Dragonfly International Short Film festival Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - August
  • Festival de Cine Dominicano The most important cinematographic event of the Caribbean - first week of February
  • A great and versatile short film location with a derelict room, faded grandeur, nooks and corners, cellars for dungeons and spooky woods and an overgrown lake. It's over a kilometre from the nearest road so great for sound recordings and wild tracks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_film_festivals_in_Europe Worldwide film locations and location production resources

    Film locations throughout the world . . .

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    Film Location resources in Belgium:

  • Ghent film office
  • Ostend film office
  • Bruges City film Office
  • Antwerp film office
  • Brussels film office
  • Wallonie Tournages
  • Locations in the heart of Europe german speaking Belgium, Saarland, Rhineland, Lorraine, Luxembourg. Countryside, heavy industry, historic buildings, forts castles with turrets Colditz style, tubnels, mines, war relics, forests, lakes, rivers, town squares and modernism


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